How to secure funds?

General information

We recommend using our service only for making transactions. Never use markets or exchange services as a repository for your assets. The first rule of cryptocurrency security is not to keep everything in one place. The wallet on our platform has the same level of security as other popular offers on the market. We use all the necessary technologies and carefully monitor their work. But you must understand that no service can offer 100% protection from hackers. Below are simple rules for protecting your assets from theft by a third party.  


Passwords and passphrases should be as strong as possible! We strongly recommend you write down a long, complicated password and keep it in a safe place. Never use the same passwords for your email or social networks accounts.

Creating the most reliable password

  • Rule 1: Your password can not be short! Create a password consisting of 10-12 characters or more.
  • Rule 2: Your password must contain numbers, as well as letters of a different register. You can change the register with the ‘Shift’ key.
  • Rule 3: Make up meaningless passwords and code phrases. Do not use existing words. 
  • Rule 4: Use different passwords for different crypto-exchange services.
  • Rule 5: Do not store passwords on the Internet or on a computer. Hacking a personal computer is easier than it may seem. 
  • Rule 6: Try not to input your passwords from other people's computers.
  • Rule 7: Change passwords periodically.

What is a phishing site?

Phishing (derived from "fishing") — is a kind of internet fraud, the purpose of which is to gain access to users' confidential data — logins and passwords. Pay attention to the address of the site in the address bar of the browser to avoid logging onto such sites! The whole design of our site can be completely copied! After entering the login and password, scammers will automatically gain access to your account on our platform and will be able to steal your assets. Only enter your login and password for our platform at